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1. Why is a revaluation necessary?
2. Will all property values change?
3. When will the next revaluation start?
4. Is it necessary that you view the inside of my property?
5. What if I refuse to let assessment personnel in my property?
6. What is market value?
7. What if there hasn’t been a recent market value sale of my property?
8. What will happen to my assessment if I improve my property?
9. Will my assessment go up if I repair the property?
10. How can my assessment change when I have not done anything to my property?
11. Will the person who inspects my property be able to tell me my new assessment?
12. Will I be notified if there is a change in my assessment?
13. What if, after the bill goes out, I disagree with the assessment?
14. What evidence do I need to present to the Board of Assessors?
15. How will my taxes change as a result of the new assessment?