Everett Community Television (ECTV) offers a variety of internship opportunities for students who want to learn, train and experience the field of public broadcasting and communications. 
Interns would be expected to learn and be fully trained on how to use the equipment that ECTV uses for field production, as well as in-studio production, exposing to all elements of broadcasting. Students will also be able to have the ability to sit in live broadcasts, assist in instructing students who are interested in production, as well as hosting their own show if they feel creative! 

Internships are offered throughout the year and range from 15-20 hours per week, depending upon the needs of the intern. The approximate timeline is as follows for Fall 2017:

Summer Session
Application Deadline

Application deadlines may be subject to change, but will be noted if they do. All applications will be reviewed before and applicants will be contacted only if selected for an interview. 

To be eligible, interns must be currently enrolled in a high school, college or university. Interns will receive academic credit for their internship if approved and arranged by their educational institution. 
(Pictured) Student from Washington and Lee University, Faith Pinho (2018), had interned with the ECTV/Communications office.