The primary responsibility of the Budget Office is to prepare the annual operating, enterprise and capital budgets for submission by the Mayor to the City Council as required by Chapter 44 of the Massachusetts General Laws


The Budget Division develops a performance based budget which contains quantifiable performance measures and concise statements of services. This includes reviews with city departments to develop new performance measures and goals, as well as tables and charts to reflect work measures.

It also provides training for city departments and individual employees on inquiry and reporting functions of SoftRight software in order to enhance the capacity of departments to manage their budgets, organizes fiscal meetings to enhance communication between the other city departments concerning financial policies and procedures and opportunities for collaboration, and continues to work to meet GFOA standards with submission of City budget for annual award for Distinguished Budget Presentation for FY 2016.

Fiscal Year 2022 Proposed Budget

Fiscal Year 2021 Revised Budget

Fiscal Year 2021 Proposed Budget

Fiscal Year 2020: 

Fiscal Year 2020 Amended Budget / City Council version

FY20 Award Winning GFOA City Budget

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FY2020 Award Winning GFOA City Budget

FY2019 Award Winning GFOA City Budget

FY2018 Award Winning GFOA City Budget

FY2017 Award Winning GFOA City Budget

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FY2015 Award Winning GFOA City Budget