Snow Removal

Snow Removal - Emergency Parking

Sec. 18-143-

Odd and Even All Night Parking

    Section 18-143 Odd and even all night parking.
    (a) Whenever the chief of police declares that a parking ban is in effect as a result of weather conditions that threaten to constitute a traffic hazard, motor vehicles shall only park on the odd-numbered side of the street in odd-numbered years and on the even-numbered side in the even-numbered years.
    (b) Notification to the general public of the parking ban and its termination shall be given by the chief of police in such a manner as he may prescribe and announce.
    (c) This shall not apply to any street on which parking is now prohibited on one or both sides of a street, at any time, and shall not apply to those streets designated as snow emergency arteries in the city.
    (d) Any vehicle found to be in violation of this section shall be subject to the penalties as provided by section 18-146, parking fines, and subject to towing as provided by division 2, section 18-161 through section 18-166.
    (e) This section shall be in effect from November 1st through March 31st. The side of the street on which motor vehicles will park in accordance with subsection (a) will be the year subsequent to the November when said ban is declared. (C0068-11) (Rev. Ords. 1976, T.O. Art. V, § 12; Ord. of 10-26-92(2); Ord. of 12-27-93; Ord. of 12-12-96) (C0068-11)

    Section 18-144 Emergency or Weather Parking Limitations.
    (a) Whenever a Federal, State, or City emergency situation exists, and whenever impending weather conditions threaten to constitute a traffic hazard impairing transportation, the movement of food and fuel supplies, medical care, fire, health and police protection, and other vital facilities of the city, the chief of police shall announce such emergency, then, any and all of the following parking prohibitions shall become effective at the time designated.
    (b) No driver shall stop, stand or park any vehicle within the limits of certain traffic arteries or parts thereof, provided that this shall not apply to passenger vehicles stopped temporarily during the actual receiving or discharging passengers nor to commercial vehicles stopped temporarily during the actual loading or unloading of materials. The schedule of streets designated as emergency arteries is on file in the city clerk’s office.
    (c) Vehicles to be Cleaned Within Forty-Eight Hours of the End of a Declared Snow Emergency. The owner of any vehicle parked along a public way within the City of Everett shall, within a forty-eight hours following the termination of a declared snow emergency, clean said vehicle of all snow.

    Parking Version 04-17-2018